How does e-Hope work?

1.  You and your partner both register to participate by completing our questionnaire.

2.  Your consultant will contact you within a few days to talk about setting up your first meeting and address any questions.

3.  Your consultant will meet with you both by webcam to talk about your history, your goals and any concerns you want to address.

4.  Within a week of your first meeting your consultant will send you a "feedback report" that is a personalized report of your relationship strengths, areas of focus, and suggestions for e-Hope modules to engage in over the course of 2 months.

5.  You and your partner will set aside some time each week to do 1-2 modules of relationship growth based on your personal strategic plan.  After each module we will ask you how it was for you and if you see things differently after learning something new about your relationship and each other.

6.  Your consultant will check in with you by email about once a week to see how your plan is working and meet with you twice a month by webcam to talk about how things are going and give you ideas for how to overcome roadblocks.

 7.  After two months you will complete some more questionnaires about your relationship, meet with your consultant to talk about what you have learned, and what things from the modules you want to "carry with you" into the future and make them your own.

8.  In about 6 months your consultant will contact you again to see how things are going for you over time.


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